Amazing news for all you burger lovers. Five Guys make the best
burgers in America, its what they are famous for & oh my God are they yummy!

I am so excited by this news and I hope you are too. If you’ve never had a Five Guys burger and live in the UK, you’ll soon have no excuse but to try one!

Check out their website HERE for more info

Welcome To My Blog!

Being half Egyptian and having a retired chef for a father, it’s only right that I have a passion for all things food. It’s in my blood!

Everything about food just naturally excites me, from food shopping, the cooking and aromas, TV programmes and stacks of cooking books, not to mention the tasting and eating. Whether I’m cooking, having someone cook for me, eating out or having a junk food binge, I just love, love, love it!!

The love of travel is also something that has been with me for years. The endless Summer holidays spent in Egypt with the first being at 10 months old.

i’ll never forget our family holiday to Portugal many years ago. Heading to the fish market every morning with my Dad and watching him make our delicious dinner of an evening. Or my first time in Florida, being hypnotised by all the American candy in the supermarket aisle.

The list is endless, I have so many yummy food related stories to tell …..

I have been very lucky to visit many countries and taste a variety of cuisines and local delicacies. I really enjoy learning about new cultures, mingling with the locals, sightseeing and witnessing a beautiful and breathtaking sunset.

So with that said, welcome to my blog!

Here I will spoil you with all things food and travel, along with plenty of visuals. I hope you enjoy and I hope you get involved, sharing your own pictures and maybe recipes too.

Ooooooooh! It’s dinner time, must dash! :)